See, Hear, Taste, Smell, Feel

Lazing about on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

I`ve not done a lot today, little more than puttering around the yard and answering correspondence, but I`ve enjoyed this brief interlude in the midst of harried weekdays. Walking around the house with a book. A whole lotta nothing going on.

A friend, whom complained in a letter to me of my halting and intermittent communications of late, inquired of me the following “What have you been…” survey.

Inasmuch as I am desirous to bring a quick end to my time at my desk this afternoon, I will eagerly oblige him.

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So… GOD takes your child by the hand and pulls her from her deathbed. and HE says: “Feed her, she is ravenous.” You give her fruits with thick hides pomegranate, cantaloupe… food with weight, to keep her here. You hope that if she eats enough, the light and dust and Love which weave the matrix … Continue reading Jairus

Full-Court Press

My knees feel like they`re swimming in a thick viscous fluid… and they ache. My ankles are throbbing and swollen. My toes are numb. I think, perhaps, that I just might have overexerted myself a bit. Ah, but `tis a good pain, a necessary pain. A pain that I have avoided for far too long. … Continue reading Full-Court Press