Looking Forward/Back

O me – it shouldn`t be so late in the evening and my inclination consumed with the writing of the dreams of an idle mind!

Though this dark and curious phantasm has nibbled quietly at the back of my mind all the day long, this late hour`s writings should be filled with the chronicling of the long wild passages of today and its manifold occurrences.

In the precious few intermittent minutes, between one task or another, I have meant in earnest to set down a narrative of last evening`s resting vision – but there was always some other more pragmatic concern that required my attention… and then the impulse was buried `neath a billowing stack of thoughts and ideas.

So now, even as the shifting sands of my day`s minutes trickle in only a handful of dust, I will stoop and scrawl some murmuring semblance of that which occurred to my sleeping mind…

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