Giving Thanks

Mood: warm and satiated, licking meat from between my teeth…

Weather: the bitter wind shakes the eaves, and the leaves from the trees…

Reading: The Complete Stories of Franz Kafka

Listening To: Ludlow Street by Suzanne Vega

We are thankful.

Discontinuous glimmers of golden sunlight shine through low iridescent silver-gray clouds, the wind tosses the dry leaves asunder in blurs of a red-gold whirlwind – and we are thankful.

Candace is napping with Sophia upstairs, the former weary from her day`s vast endeavor and the latter exhausted from the enormous burden of being inexpressibly adorable whilst crawling around underfoot all morning.

The children are playing “hide-n-seek” outside with their little neighborhood friends – even as I write this, Israel runs past the windows of the Study laughing: “You can`t catch me, you can`t catch me!” as his long curly hair trails wildly after him.

I am alone at my desk, the sound of wind and leaves outside is interwoven with the murmurs of the football game on the television in the Den and the soft music trickles down from a stereo in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

We are thankful. Today, in the early afternoon, my young family sat together in the Dining Room around the Table… drinking in the glorious vision of the feast my wife prepared, we paused… and spoke to one another of those many things for which we each extend our gratitude.

Of course, for the children it is a somewhat silly affair of thanking GOD for everything from numerous varied family members and friends to stuffed animals and toy trains. My beloved and I, however, spoke more to each other`s hearts and to GOD Almighty for all the blessing we count.

In solitude… my mind races.

We are thankful, and our Circle grows outward… we have left many dear ones far behind us in our traveling. Verily `tis an ache that will not soon relent, yet were have been glad to come to know so many new acquaintances as well.

There are those in our neighborhood whom we continue to grow close – as we live in a borough where children roam freely from one yard to the next, and people rarely lock their doors at Night. In addition, my wife and I have had little trouble in finding amity in our local assembly as well as our respective places of employment.

So much the contrary of the diffident stereotype, I have found most of the people I have met to be consistently gregarious in their varied ways.

This is, of course, not to say that there has not been a measure of acclimation that has taken place… for the children as well as the adults of my household. The culture here is different in numerous ways than that from which I am more familiar – such that I would have to devote more time than I have at hand in order to give it the depiction it warrants.

I can say, however, that the weather is taking some getting accustomed to for us… even as someone who loves the Autumn and Winter months. We have already had several light snows, though more on the scale of drizzle than any significant accumulation, but the night have had a firm chill since September and the way the wind roars in off of the water is nothing short of epic.

We are thankful, and I find the timing of this Season to be so perfect in light of all that has arisen over the last many weeks… or rather, the incidents and events of late have come about in a particularly lovely symmetry with the Seasons.

Pilgrim itinerants, we have traversed a great distance with no small difficulty or shortage of calamity – laboring, by the Grace of GOD, with our wits and sweaty brows in the hopes that we can fashion some beauty out of the nebulous shadows and dust of every day`s span.

Months have slipped as effortlessly as sand through the hourglass, and one Season blends into another as the Dusk does the Dawn.

We are thankful.


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