Don’t worry, it’s just the end of the world…

Last night I dreamt hundreds of random stars were disappearing from the night sky. World leaders were meeting about it, people were committing suicide, and religious groups were claiming the fulfillment of numerous conflicting eschatological prophecies. Last night I dreamt the end of the world.

Obviously, as someone who works in the field of journalism, this was a boon for me. We hired dozens of new people, and were cranking out special editions. Every business was hyping an “end of the world” sale. There was exponentially more crime, because people were more desperate, which only added to the particular “windfall” of bad news to report.

Scientists seemed to think the universe had already started to collapse — millions of years ago — but it just hadn’t reached us yet. The dominant thesis among astronomers/astrophysicists was that, for eons, we’d seen the light from already dead stars, constellations, galaxies. The constellations which guided various explorers and civilizations were no more alive than the various myths and gods they worshipped. The experts believed the end had already occurred — not long after the beginning — and our world was on borrowed time almost as soon as it began.

I’m not going to tell you how the dream ended (because I think the premise makes for a pretty cool story), but it prompted this question… if suddenly there appeared incontrovertible evidence the world was ending soon, what would you do? What would change about your life? What would you do differently? How would your life change up until the end?

Be careful what you say, it might just end up in my novel.


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