In praise of vinyl

You can deny it as much as you want, but the music industry has in a sense gone to crap. We have stuff like iTunes and Spotify to thank for that. Am I hating on these music services? No I love my smartphone and I’m an avid user of Spotify myself, but they still caused a vast change in the industry in terms of splitting up once complete albums into single releases. I’m a person who appreciates the entire album on an LP, as it’s how the artist originally intended.

Vinyl to me is always going to be the king of all formats in terms of sound quality, overall music enjoyment and shelf life. Tablets are okay, but its nothing more than some digital signals working via wifi to stream the music from a Spotify Server. To me vinyl can be far more appreciated.

Deep down I know the music industry is kicking themselves, if they’d have stuck with vinyl it would have not only provided a crisper sounds (as development would have been on going with quadrophonic records and other related technologies). It would have also prevented music piracy from getting to the extent it has currently, because let’s face it, it is quite difficult to record a vinyl in high quality and then to spend time compressing it to a useable size, This area is generally a hobbyist’s thing. The average consumer would have most likely stuck with making personal use mix tapes for the car.

The oldest Vinyl in my continually expanding collection is a Dixieland Jazz album pressed in 1929. It plays without skipping or jumping and the sound resonance is astounding. I have CDs from the early 1990s that are all but unlistenable due to skipping. It’s not like the vinyl has been cared for either. That is, before it came to be in my possession. This album spent its time being played on a radiogram with a heavy tone arm and then stored for the past 25 years in a garage half-flooded almost every year.

Vinyl you rule.


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