An open letter to the 2013 Overton Mustangs

8 thoughts on “An open letter to the 2013 Overton Mustangs”

  1. Wow…you may get some backlash from your article…but like the old saying goes, “The truth hurts.”

    You know, I never had the privilege of playing on a championship team, but I always tried to play like a champion. To be painfully honest for my 4 years as a Mustang we were 10-30 (1968-1972), so I know about how it feels to be beaten and beaten bad, it sucks.

    What I wish I could get all these young men to see is that once this is over, it’s over and you cannot go back and change it, only recall it…but if you’ll go out there and leave it all on the field and never quit, you can be proud…now, in the entire scheme of life it is just a game…but it is a game that can define who you can become.

  2. It’s def a wake up call. I pray everyone in that green and white locker room reads this, and understands what this sport means to the younger kids to the older generation.

    It made me proud to have my dad point down on that field and say “yeah,65, yes the big one, that’s my boy”. Go Green!

  3. Very well said.

    I did not graduate from Overton but am proud to call it home for the last 8 years.

    I too hope that all the kids realize yes it is only a game but can effect the rest of your life and that they should take every opportunity to give all their heart in everything they do. Coaches can only motivate they cannot create what it takes inside to be a winner regardless of what the scoreboard portrays.

    We are behind all you young men and hope you will use these comments productively.

    Craig Steelman

  4. Very AWESOME!!! However, to discount the ADULTS/COACHES & “BLAME” the young men solely, well they don’t call the plays, they simply implement them, they aren’t taught the SPORTSMANSHIP, LEADERSHIP, & TEAM COMMENDARY we as 90’s youth were…..

    Their spirits are broken, their heart a mess, & in the end, believe these boys are ONE…A UNIT…..

    They have decided amongst themselves to join as ONE in HUMBLING the ALUMNI/ADULTS of this community to defy at ALL ANGLES…..

    This in my HUMBLE OPINION, is the definition of becoming “A MAN!” To not fit the mold, to STAND OUT, to BE YOUR OWN MAN 🙂 I understand “FOOTBALL” is “THE SPORT”, YET, these kids in OVERTON are truly having to rely on GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF, because to many “ADULTS” are trying to live TROUGH these kids & stripping them of their ability to BE THEMSELVES!!! LET THEM BE LITTLE, CAUSE THEY’RE ONLY THAT WAY FOR A WHILE!!!! To expect them to bare for the sake of the town, the sake of football, or TRADITION….

    Well GOD will use WHOM he NEEDS & in the manner in which HE needs to regardless of…….

    I LOVE each & every member of “OUR MUSTANGS!” WIN OR LOSE, good or bad choices made ❤ as do you , I know ❤ Just think there's MORE here than maybe some are willing to HEAR!!!! So when they STOP listening, these BOYS/YOUNG MEN, are showing them……

    Sit back & watch GOD work Matthew!!!

  5. Although I do not know any of these young men, they should take these comments to heart. My son wants to be a Mustang with every ounce of his being, and I know he will bring a passion with him, that is borderline extreme. Just ask Napoleon how it felt to be in 2nd place.

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