Garden Club hosts ‘high tea’ for 4th graders

Twenty members of Overton’s Queen Price Garden Club kept a 50-plus year tradition alive by hosting “high tea” for the fourth-grade girls from Overton Elementary School.

The young women were escorted from their school bus to an elegant setting inside the garden club home featuring homemade hats, cloth napkins and the finest silver and glassware.Each girl was served cold sweet tea from a silver tea service, accompanied by finger sandwiches, cupcakes, fruit and a scrumptious parfait during the hour-long event.

The young women were decked out in their Sunday best for the tea, and they were allowed to keep the hats made for them by garden club members.

After enjoying tea and refreshments, members of the garden club detailed the flowers for every month of the year. The young lady with a birthday in that month was asked to stand and was given a spray of flowers by the garden club as they learned about the flower for their birthday month.

The garden club surprised the young women by displaying a copy of the book, “Secret Garden,” which they announced at the end of the event was being donated to the Overton Elementary Library in honor of this fourth grade class. And, according to the garden club, the book contained the name of each young girl in the Overton fourth grade, so for years to come when someone checks out that book they will be able to see it was donated in honor of those girls at Thursday’s tea.

Mary Elizabeth Tipps, a longtime member of the Queen Price Garden Club, said this event is one of the favorite things the garden club does during the year.

“It is always special for us to have tea with the young girls, and it seems to be special to them to attend,” she said. “I know women now who have children just getting to school age, and they come up to me and remind me of the year that they were part of the fourth-grade girls’ tea.”

Before heading back to campus, the girls were given a goodie bag by garden club members and then gathered in front of the garden club house for a group photo. The tea comes at the end of a study the young ladies do at school on manners, etiquette and similar things.

Queen Price Garden Club is active on many fronts during the year with beautification activities and programs on different flowers and plants.


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