‘Daylight saving time’ begins early Sunday

At 2 a.m. local time Sunday, daylight saving time kicks “standard time” to the curb until autumn.

Henderson Fire Chief Rusty Chote also recommends area residents check their smoke alarm batteries when you set your clocks forward.

“It’s just a good habit to get into,” Chote said. “When you set your clocks forward, check your batteries and when you set your clocks back, check your batteries again […] it’s a little thing that can make a huge difference in a fire emergency.”

Many in Rusk County have noticed that the annual tradition of DST has crept forward a bit.

“We used to spring forward on the first Sunday in April and fall back on last Sunday in October,” said Henderson Mayor Pat Brack. “But a couple years ago Congress changed the date — adding more daylight saving time to the calendar […] so this year, it will run from March 10 until Nov. 3.”

Turn that clock ahead before slipping under the covers Saturday night and don’t complain about getting less sleep, because there’s the promise of many months ahead with an extra hour of evening sunlight.

Not every place makes the switch. The exceptions are Hawaii, most of Arizona, parts of Indiana, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Marianas.

Around the world, about 75 countries and territories have at least one location that observes daylight saving time. On the other hand, 164 countries worldwide don’t observe the time change at all.


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