Hope and resolutions shared for New Year

2013 New Year's Resolutions

Susan Cooper and Janelle Barton were shivering outside of a local business, sacrificing the comfort of their place of employment for a cigarette break.

“Quitting was one of my resolutions for 2013,” Cooper said with a throaty laugh. “I lasted barely a week, but I’ve still got a few others that I plan to keep […] maybe next year.”

Barton agreed, saying she too wanted to kick the habit in the New Year, but work-related stress made it impossible.

“It’s disappointing, you know, to break a resolution barely a week into the New Year,” she said. “But now just isn’t the right time for me.”

Local fitness centers have reported a noticeable increase in business since late December, with many residents hoping to get a jump on their fitness goals for 2013. Rusk County native and personal trainer Randon Jones said he always sees a marked rise in clients at the turn of the year, with the usual dip as the weeks and months progress.

“Yeah, it’s something that I see every year,” he said. “It’s a cliché because it’s funny and because it’s true, but you’d be surprised how many stick it out. I always tell my clients to be realistic, to set goals that are do-able and not to expect too much too soon.”

Becky Rains was leaving Henderson fitness center Tans & Hands early Thursday afternoon red-faced and drinking a large bottle of water after what she termed a “brutal workout” adding that she has every intention of seeing her resolution through.

“No, I’m not going to flake out this year,” she said. “I’ve had the same resolution for the last three years and this is the year it’s going to happen.”

Rains said she delivered her youngest child in 2009 and has been trying to lose the “baby weight” ever since.

“It’s frustrating, and each year you set the goal, but then something comes up,” she said. “This year, no excuses.”

Others aren’t so quick to pin their hopes on what they say is “arbitrary” and “just another day.”

“I don’t have any New Year resolutions, no,” said Henderson resident Clint Wiggins. “I never make them, so I never have to break them. If I want to do something new or better or quit a bad habit, I just do it. I don’t need a holiday to do that.”



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