Making ‘Jesus’ out of whole cloth

3 thoughts on “Making ‘Jesus’ out of whole cloth”

  1. Well, if we wanted to recreate Jesus, it’d be more of a Frankenstein experiment with body parts than cutting cloth. Just saying.

    On the document in question, it’s 300+ years from Jesus’s time. That’s not a primary source document by any stretch of the imagination. It would be like using a kindergarten play on the first thanksgiving as a source document.

  2. I’ll just add that the scholar did NOT say this shows Jesus had a wife, stating clearly it was the beginning of a saying about marriage. The news media turned this into the circus.
    And may I also say that the differences in the Biblical manuscripts (I was trained in Biblical scholarship) reveal 2 important things about God: 1. the Bible was entrusted to humans to preserve, disseminate, study and plain read. 2. “The letter of the law kills, but the spirit gives life” (2 Cor. 3:6), so if God helped people preserve the text in undisturbed form we would worship the text instead of the Author, we’d claim that the text, rather than the Author, gives life, and we’d make the text holier than the Author. Also, there would be little need for textual criticism (like none) and the scholar’s curiosity would divert to something else, and I have been in translation committee and discussions about manuscript value, and while it probably wouldn’t save a soul, it is really energizing!
    God makes no mistakes; humans just screw up too easily! (Isaiah 53:6).

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