Finding the good in “Breaking Bad”

2 thoughts on “Finding the good in “Breaking Bad””

  1. fantastic writeup, and all the reasons why i love this show. also, i love the journey that Jesse is on. starting out as a punkass chili P meth maker, he enters into this relationship with “Mr. White”, an adult in an authority position that he learns a lot from and respects. Initially, you think Jesse is the bad guy. slowly but amazingly you see he isn’t. he is the good guy in all this. a heart for children, a willingness to serve in order to be loved, he is often so badly manipulated by walt who breaks badder and badder and badder…

    i went to an evangelical christian college in massachusetts, and one of the things drilled into our heads and hearts is “what message is God trying to tell us through this ____” fill in the blank. this novel, this movie, this TV show, this historic event, this personal life event. Where is the Lord’s Word in this situation. and i really think you get that with this. At times, the show is funny, the dynamics between all of the characters are amazing, most specifically that of Jesse and Walt.

    And I hate how I think this is all going to end, but … we know the wages of sin is death, and the choices we make will not liberate us if we opt to follow the wrong path, even if we think it is for the right decision.

    I won’t spoil anything for you. I’m all caught up and just rewatched the first three seasons with my 20 year old daughter… so many things make a lot more sense (and there are some glaring mistakes in the plot!) but all told, it is one of the best written horror stories ever.

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