Why I (almost) always carry a knife

10 thoughts on “Why I (almost) always carry a knife”

  1. I always have the following in my pockets when I leave the house: pocket watch, rosary, handkerchief, pocket knife, keys, 99 cents in change, wallet, and comb. Belt is not optional, either.

  2. I am one of the many men of generation y that do not carry a pocket knife, but I used to. The reason I quit carrying one is because I got an “office job” and quit working manual labor. Now I find myself in fewer situations that I need a knife.

    1. I hear ya bro, and I think your situation is the rule and not the exception. I guess I’m just sorta ruminating on something I’m seeing. I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad or good, I’m just kinda wondering about it. 🙂

  3. I have a Swiss Army knife on my desk. I use to take this knife with me when I was working. Now the knife sits on my desk gathering desk. This knife at one time belonged to one of our two sons. When our sons were boys we gave each one of them a Swiss Army knife. One of our sons misplaced his and one was left. I inherited from one of my sons. For years I had a small pocket knife that one of our sons got when he was in a church boys club. I also inherited that knife but lost it. In my study drawer is a big pocket knife that was given to me many years ago by a friend for Christmas. Now when I leave our house I take a camera, keys, and my wallet. hope all is well with your family peace Jonny

  4. I always carry a multitool at my old job,doing lite maintenance and other things they was always needed but working in a hospital now a small pen knife is all I can carry so my multitools stay at home these days waiting to be needed again

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