Seeing through a screen, darkly

2 thoughts on “Seeing through a screen, darkly”

  1. My boss’ son is 19. He worked for us last summer, and my boss said he struggles with teaching him the importance of human contact in business. It’s completetly their culture. In accounting, we reconcile our bank accounts monthly. We are stuggling to find interns/employees who can do this, even when they’ve been in the field awhile, because the concept of an oustanding check is foreign to them. They just check their balance online and move on. They almost have no concept of waiting – everything is instant gratification. It’s a really interesting thing. As a parent, you almost have to force them to wait for some things in order for them to learn patience. It’s amazing that this girl, rather than converse, felt the need to text someone else about you at that moment instead of waiting until she left the store. It’s weird to me, yet, it’s their “normal.”

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