“You can’t go home again…”

2 thoughts on ““You can’t go home again…”

  1. Yes, I would really like it if all children could have my childhood. We lived in a middle class neighborhood. It was innocent and great. Everyone I knew when to church somewhere, and my mom never worried about me at other people’s homes or sleepovers, whether she knew the parents are not. All our friends had basically the same values, and I didn’t really know anyone who was divorced. No one had cable, so we didn’t have to worry about what was on TV. Halloween was creepy in a fun way. Kid movies were not watered down horror movies. We had Christmas plays at school without fear of the ACLU. We lived in a cul de sac, much like the one I live in now. We knew almost all our neighbors. All had children, many of them kids we went to school with. Most of the moms stayed home, which mean the the houses were clean, and the yards were cared for. We walked to school every day, rain, snow, or shine. The idea of a carpool line was completely foreign to me.

    Today, I live in a middle class neighborhood. I don’t know most of our neighbors, but, of the 14 houses on the street, this is what I do know:

    House 1 – single lady
    House 2 – divorced mom of teenagers, abandoned house 18 months ago
    House 3 – mom and dad with 11 year old daughter, alleged meth lab/drug dealer dad
    House 4 – moved in 6 years ago with 2 sons, divorced, older boy stayed with dad, mom moved out with the younger son
    House 5 – has changed hands several times – latest family moved in not long ago
    House 6 – Lesbian couple with 2 young children
    House 7 – Hispanic immigrant family just moved in, intact, young kids
    House 8 – older couple, friends from church, both on 2nd marriage
    House 9 – us – married almost 20 years, 3 children
    House 10 – couple with 2 grown daughters
    House 11 – divorced older man with cancer
    House 12 – intact family, 2 sons, one in high school, one in college
    House 13 – Rental
    House 14 – divorced mom, 2 children

    About half the houses, including mine, need exterior work. Our yard is probably one of the worst kept, because Jaimie and I are never home to take care of it and can’t afford a service.

    Maybe I lived in a dream world, but I can’t raise my kids the way my family raised me, because the world is a different place. My mom never had to explain to me how 2 women could live together with “their” children, never told me I could not attend a school dance, and never worried all night when I was at someone’s slumber party.

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