“…I’ve got five on it…”

4 thoughts on ““…I’ve got five on it…”

  1. This is such a complex issue. Unless parents have a vision for their children that’s different from the status-quo, I don’t think most even think about their intentions in raising offspring. Most children (at least in our area up here) are raised in day care and then sent off to school. How could anyone place a life they were passionately striving to shape under someone else’s influence for most of that child’s waking hours?

    Other adults are more concerned with shaping THEMSELVES into an arrow: aimed at a higher salary, status; whatever self-satisfying ambition they have. Children are born into that need for status – being parents is part of “making it,” right? – then sacrificed on the altar of ambition.

    Really, why do we care how our children are shaped? Why do we have a vision for them that is outside ourselves, and a willingness to lay down our ambition to give everything we are, raising them for God’s glory? Only by the grace of that God we long to glorify! We see the purpose for their lives because He has shown it to us. We want to raise a generation to change this world because we know Who this world belongs to, and He’s given us a glimpse of the splendor that could be!

    Remembering these things gets me off my high horse. 🙂 But for the grace of God, I would probably be semi-committed to my marriage, striving more for personal satisfaction at work than at home, caring more what my boss thought of me than my God or my husband, and letting someone else teach my kids who they are and why they’re here. I know you know this, Matthew, and your wife, too: Your heart for your family is what it is because your mind has been renewed and conformed to the mind of God. Knowing where that understanding comes from drives me to pray for revival in our world, our country, and even in our churches. Only when people love what God loves will they love family and parenthood in a way that brings glory to the Father of fathers. May it be in our lifetime.

  2. That said, I agree with you whole-heartedly and I embrace the privilege and responsibility of contributing however many God blesses us with to the cause. 🙂

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