Crazy from the Heat

One thought on “Crazy from the Heat”

  1. I love this article. I”ve been contemplating the same types of things over the last few years. The year JT was born, we broke heat records almost daily (he was born in August, and I felt every temperature increase in extra swelling and discomfort!). Last summer, Raleigh broke records almost daily for 6 months. Early in 2010, I started working for a company that provides HVAC supplies and equipment to licensed contractors. We had a banner year last year, and this year looks to be more of the same.

    I’m not sure if you knew that my husband was adopted by his grandparents. His mom was born in 1920 and lived her whole life without a/c. One unbearable weekend we spent there, I observed her. She got up early and worked in the garden. She ate around 11:00. She got into bed and stayed there for a few hours. Then, she got up and tooled around the house. She spent the better part of the afternoon/early evening outside. We ate outside. The kitchen was blocked off from the rest of the house to keep the heat in one area. We put fans in the windows to blow air out. There wasn’t a lot of rushing around. It was a lot like what you portrayed.

    Southerners catch a lot of flack for being slower paced. When you have the opportunity to observe someone who lived through an era were central air was indeed a luxery, it’s obvious why that is.

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