Empty Wombs & Broken Hearts

3 thoughts on “Empty Wombs & Broken Hearts”

  1. Amen-being able to have children is a rich blessing and should not be taken for granted-some Christians are not able to have children and we should keep them in our prayers-also some Christians are not called to be parents-the Lord is good-peace

  2. No question we want to be sensitive, but I think we can take it too far. Our society wants to whitewash everything so no one can be happy about anything for fear of upsetting anyone. Any woman who wants children but hasn’t been blessed with them can surely be happy for those who have been. Jaimie and I were married 8 years before Christina was born. My friend had 5 miscarriages before having her 3 children. That didn’t take away any joy we had for those who were mothers.

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