This is where we are right now…

“…homeward these shoes worn to paper, thin as the reason I left here so young; homeward and what if I see her, there in the doorway I walked away from…”

Cool dewy mornings warm into bright warm afternoons, long late sunsets fade into brisk star-filled nights. It is Springtime in East Texas and the world is brimming with renewal.

Fresh new life emerges in everything from lovely blooms and blossoms to whirling birds and creepy-crawly insects in the underbrush.

Now is the time for cut-off dungarees and bare feet, digging in flowerbeds and pulling up weeds. Sweet-tea sipping on the shady front porch and apple pie cooling on the windowsill.

For our quiet little house the season brings with it leisure as well as many tasks and obligations.

I remain, as I have been these many months, engaged as a full-time news editor and photographer for the Henderson Daily News. My “beat” centers upon county government and crime, with the occasional meandering local feature article on the various people and events that occur in our obscure corner of East Texas.

The work is satisfying enough and the pay could be worse. I get a lot of support from the community and try to do the best job I can, despite the many limitations of working for a small newspaper. I’ve won some awards and had plenty of pats on the back for my work, but what matters most to me is how well I am chronicling the people and place of my time.

But my occupation occupies only a fraction of my time.

Candace continues her role as matron of our household, spending a considerable amount of time on the care and well-being of her children…  to say nothing of that of her husband, which I must admit is no easy task.

Unfortunately we have just learned that the college she had intended to attend this coming Autumn would only accept a portion of her credit hours from the University of Oklahoma. A disappointment, to be sure.

Rather than forfeit the better part of five college semesters, she has decided to fall back on what we’ve termed “Plan B” for gaining employment at the school: working part-time (25-35 hours) at the school as a Teaching Assistant.

When all the children have enrolled in school (Liam starts in Fall of ’12) she’ll once again look seriously at attending college.

In the meantime, she’ll continue to cultivate our household and teach our children… in addition to her many side ventures.

The children, currently caught up the whirl of afternoon baseball practices and Friday night games at the ballpark, are also reveling in the return to warmer days. Plans of “camp outs” in our rambling backyard and other outdoorsy-type projects are in the works.

Each of them are looking forward to different things, it seems. Gaelynn wants to swim. Israel wants to stay up late stargazing. Sophia wants to plant flowers. Liam wants to play in the mud.

Our life is a careful balance of white-knuckle last-second hustling and bustling on one end, and long slow-paced lazing about pages of an open book being turned absently by the wind. An acquired chaos of careful structure.

The week revolves around worship, worship in the midst of days anchored by the Lord’s Day morning worship every Sunday. Of everything our family is engaged, it is our church that gives me the most excitement.

I am witnessing a mighty work taking place in my community. We are growing in number, sure, but more than this we are growing deeper in love for each other and in awe of our great Creator.

Others are joining this mission, and laying ‘hold of this plow. Zeal is being stoked into a white-hot fervor. Love abides. So much has happened in such a short time, I cannot fully capture it in a few brief phrases…  except to say that God is good.

So it is with me and mine right now. Verily the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, and they are new every morning.

God is good, and so too is life. This is we are right now.


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