nailing myself to the Church door

30 thoughts on “nailing myself to the Church door”

    1. Whoa whoa whoa, I’m not leaving, not at all… this is just one of the few public statements I’m willing to make at this time. You know how bad the gossip can be, I’m just trying to head some of it off at the pass.

      It’s all still happening little brother, I’m still here, and The Work will continue.

  1. I understand that you aren’t ready to make your specific grievances public, but at some point you must, as Luther did. The faces of the discontented may be a strong impetus to questioning prevalent practices and teachings, but they will hardly be sufficient to stimulate reformation for long. People are discontented for a number of reasons and their faces soon change. In contrast to this, Luther’s grievances with Rome were fixed and supported by a thorough study of the problems, outlined in detail, as well as patient, Biblical refutations. He also has the advantage over you in that he was fighting a recognizable institution, a great body which represented all the corruption he sought to expunge. At the very least, you would require a similar symbol. Otherwise, I imagine you will find it impossible, in today’s shifting climate, to prepare for battle on uncertain terrain.

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