Can you go home again?

One thought on “Can you go home again?”

  1. though i don’t like to admit it, i’ve been aching to give my children the “rural” experience that i enjoyed. it is however not what it used to be back on the old homefront. one may also say that the “city” has started to infiltrate the rural areas. parents that have lived for a time in a bustling, city environment grow weary and bring their already jaded children to the small towns to be sullen and let their moral compass go round and round in front of a group of more sheltered small town kids. new “big city” kids in a small town are way more impressive to the local kids than mama’s sunday afternoon fried chicken. it’s everywhere. like a disease, and small towns are no longer immune, no longer the refuge they once were, though still 100 shades better than life in a big city.

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