Football vs. Football

5 thoughts on “Football vs. Football”

  1. Huh?

    Maybe they are saying that because soccer is unnatural, due to the fact that it doesn’t use hands, leaves them in an awkward position because they are without hands to play football? Besides, soccer doesn’t disallow hands. You can use your hands for “throw ins”- throwing the ball back in over your head on the sidelines and goalies use their hands to block as long as the ball isn’t coming from one of their teammates in a pass.

    1. I could cite a number of examples of people who’ve played football without hands, or even arms. In fact, one of the greatest field goal kickers in NFL history (Tom Dempsey) had only half of one foot and 1-and-a-half arms. A hall of fame MLB pitcher (Jim Abbott) was an all-state quarterback in high school.

      That said, I do have a quarrel with any sport that would impose such sweeping limitation of human appendages. While some use of the arms and hands takes place in soccer, it is by-and-large a sport played without their use.

      In my humble opinion, any sport absent of: 1.) significant physical contact and 2.) a predominant use of the upper body, is not worth my time or concern.

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