“…parted me leaf and leaf, divided me…”

I tend to view the first week of July as the mid-point of the year.

Seasonally, it’s a bit off…  especially living in East Texas. We just had the solstice a couple weeks ago, but it’s been Summer for more than a month  now. We’re also still a good month away from a true Midsummer’s tide. But, at least mathematically, this week represents the median of this year of our Lord 2010.

During this time, I try to take stock of where I’m at with my goals for the year as well as take a look toward December and see where I stand.

There is more to tell than I can tell here and now…  but I am blessed by what has ome thus far in this year, and there is yet further and further to go.

“…this was the prized, the desirable sight, unsought, presented so easily, parted me leaf and leaf, divided me, eyelid and eyelid of slumber.”


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