Hope is sweet in sowing…

One thought on “Hope is sweet in sowing…”

  1. Hi Matthew,

    It’s been a long time since I had time to read blogs. Since the days of Journalspace, I haven’t created a new blog, so I don’t get online that much.

    Sorry about your tooth! I’m in an “eventually is now” issue with my teeth as well. My appt. is in a month or so (dentists have this annoying habit of scheduling things 6 months out, so the soonest I could get in was August). Obviously, if it becomes an emergency, that will change.

    Anyway,great entry! I agree with the backwardness of our culture. I was thinking on some things a couple of years ago and realized what the term “twisted mind” really means. I noticed a current in our culture. I used to feel part of it, but I find the waters flowing in a different direction from myself. I read a neat book about multi-generational thinking. It’s the first time I thought about how my actions affect more than my own lifetime. Whether we do anything or not, our actions or inaction will affect the future.

    Take care!


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