Stones that the Builders have refused…

Last night I had the good pleasure of spending company once again with dear brethren and fellow laborers…  it was a delight and I came away refreshed, in spite of the weariness of a long day’s toil.

My heart swells within my chest and I am rapt with wonder at what I am beholding at the hands of the Father, how He is moving…  drawing…  binding…  building.

An earlier concern of mine was trying to decide which of three paths on which I should follow…  I never considered that it would be His will for me to seek all three. I suppose that it was my cynical thought that only one of the three possibilities would be realistic for me to devote the utmost of my own ambition, foolishly forgetting that the work is His own…  of which I am but small part.

So I repent, and move forward.

The endeavor in Kilgore is progressing gradually, with a palpable momentum and growing passion that I know will soon become great torrents of repentance and praise.

Carl is growing before my very eyes into the man that God would have him be…  I hesitate to say too much about it to him, but it is a blessing to behold. Tim’s earnest affection has all but thawed my cold reasoned suspicion…  there is simply too much heart there to be denied. The others are drawing closer as well, and I can begin to see those who shall bear torches in days yet to come.

The work in Overton is on the verge of realization in a way that I thought would take years instead of months, but truly the day is at hand.

Pastors Brian and Michael have offered strong right-hands of endorsement, and their leadership will be invaluable.

While my position within the proper assembly remains one more of consultation and exhortation than leadership proper, the patronage provided has ensured a secure launching of the task that shall be my focus within this city o’er the passage of this season.

Our God is mighty to save and He is drawing people in these communities unto Himself. Old friends and others hithertofore unknown drawn by something surpassing mere coincidence or even random happenstance.

The fields are white, the laborers now increase in their numbers… swords and trowels are being passed around eagerly.

Questions are being answered, tentative and curious voices have now turned bold.

Prayers are being answered…  the Spirit is moving with haste.

I believe that people often have to realize that they are hungry before the Lord will feed them, and the need has grown to such a degree that there seems a groaning of the people. A hunger for the Scriptures abides, the like of which I have scarcely seen…  verily it is a longing for the Holy.

The Spirit has strained me in my restraints thus far and I feel a sense of soon to be unleashed. Tension keening a seizure of tarpaulin power into the route still ahead of me, joy and a strange sort of madness burning tightly within my chest…

His words flow an unceasing tapestry that billows and encircles me with every step…  the Rock the builders rejected remains the chief cornerstone.

The time is coming, the Time is now.


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