This is where we are right now…

“…although you hide in the ebb and flow of the pale tide when the moon has set, the people of coming days will know about the casting out of my net…”

I am writing this in the front room of my house, it is a warm evening in East Texas as I stand astride the months of March and April.

Glancing about me, I see a house half-packed and stacks of boxes lining the front wall. As the brisk Winter has warmed into early Spring, my household is preparing for the long Summertime and all that this new season will bring.

This is where we are right now.

Soon we will be moving to the old Mitchell-Satterwhite home at the bottom of Lamar Street, it is a good sized three-bedroom/two-bathroom house with an office and a half-acre yard. It will provide much more space for the children, as there will be “boys” and “girls” bedrooms, in addition to plentiful grounds for our pets to ramble.

Candace has already begun plotting flowerbeds and landscaping arrangements, while I have begun considering some outdoor accoutrements for the family…  some things I want to build for my children with my bare hands.

There’s a good tree in the side yard for Gaelynn’s tree-house, an excellent place for Israel’s half-pipe in the western-most section of the backyard, a tiny cottage for Sophia to hold high tea with the neighborhood cats, and a sandbox for Liam to dig his thick clever fingers into.

One of the prerequisites to our being approved for this house was that the landlord prefers to set a reasonable rent for long-term tenants… an ideal situation for us, as we are planning to not move again until we either build or buy a house.

We expect to move in sometime in the next week or so; there are still some minor details to work out.

I’ve been returned to covering news for the Daily Planet, after splitting my time between news and sports for the last few months.

While I enjoy sports, and don’t mind supporting the athletic programs in the Rusk County area, it’s not something that I take with a great deal of seriousness. Therefore, it was a constant struggle to expend much of my energy on covering these events.

Overton sports are one thing…  after all, it’s my old school, and many of the children that are currently on the teams are the children of friends or former classmates. My own children attend Overton, so there’s a little more vested interest and motivation there. Not a tremendous amount, but enough. Pithy but adequate.

So, I’m glad to be back on covering real news…  but I’m also in the process of finishing my formal education to receive my teaching credentials, as is Candace. We have been talking about teaching at Overton High School, she teaching the Sciences and I teaching Civics.

Of course, nothing is carved into stone yet, but this is certainly a direction we are pursuing.

I have reached a point of waiting and watching for what the LORD will have me do in regards to the work He desires me to do for His people and to His glory. In this year that we have now been back to our hometown, I have been able to witness His work as an observer as well as a participant.

Though I have tried to keep a low profile, while observing and listening, there have been so many instances where I have been thrust to the forefront of one endeavor or another. While I have steeled myself to intervene only as little as possible, in order to first understand my mission here before I lay ahold of the plow, time and time again I have been placed in a position to act.

As I now feel that I am coming to the end of my time of waiting, there stands before me three opportunities that I think I might have to choose to invest my energies.

I. The first is a gradual “re-plant” of a local church. It is a congregation with a venerable history and solid group of individuals that show all the signs needful to be about the work of our LORD. Most of the issues are more logistic that theological, requiring a bit of housekeeping and retrofitting for the current zeitgeist.

II. The second is more speculative but with a tremendous potential in the nearby “college town” of Kilgore. I see a remarkable opportunity, and a strong core of leadership, but I am hesitant to publicly speak much more than that for now. Suffice to say, it is a matter that I am strongly inclined towards at present.

III. The third is a bit less speculative but far more nebulous. An outreach that aggressively targets the unchurched as well as the questioning, those that have been spurned and burned by the ravages of Evangelicalism. Though it has already “unofficially” existed from the first moment I had a gathering of people in my home to share a meal and to study the Gospel, I have learned much from the gains and losses of previous efforts.

In rereading what I have written in this section, I cannot help but think the unfamiliar reader might find all of these vague allusions to be as pretentious as they are frustrating.

Perhaps it would be best for me to just say that I am content with what my GOD has shown me in the last twelve months and thrilled for that which lays ahead of me.

With the Summertime comes a time for road trips as well as vacations, and we plan to indulge in this Summer with great appetite. This time last year we were flying halfway across the continent to return to Texas, so Summer was a time to rest and let the dust settle a bit.

Now, having long since recovered, we’re ready to load up and hit the road. We have loved ones up and down I-35 from Oklahoma City to Waco, Austin, on down to Galveston then out to Lubbock…  and I want to see them all. I also want to take my children to the Alamo, as they’ve never been.

So that’s the desire…  but the reality is that we’ll probably make one jaunt down to Austin>San Antonio>Galveston and back…  probably sometime in mid-July. Then we’ll head up to Norman to camp out on the Wilson Farm just south of town for a last hurrah in August before school starts.

Of course, there’s also a wedding I’ll be officiating in New Orleans on May 22nd but that’s only going to be a couple days or so, with just my beloved and I without the children. I might call it a “second honeymoon” except we never had a first.

All of this and more is swimming in my mind at this late hour, I savor the days to come with a wide smile.

Our LORD has been gracious, and I am thankful.

This is where we are right now.


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