…like lambent lightning on snowy clouds…

I’m not sure if there’s a more magical way for children to awaken than to a cityscape buried under six inches of snow.

This morning Gaelynn, Israel, and Sophia let loose a torrent of squeals and laughter when I hurled back the curtain in their bedroom to reveal the Winter Wonderland that was outside.

Gaelynn leapt down from the top bunk, Israel skittered across the floor on tiptoe, while Sophia remained at the window…  her face pressed close to windowpane, fogging her view.

I realized that her memories of Annapolis were far too dim to recall the many tedious days of foot-deep snowfalls out on the Western Shore of Maryland.

“Do you want to go play?” I asked her.

“Yes!” she said, her voice betraying her excitement.

However, she remained rooted to the spot, as if to turn her eyes away would dispel the magic she beheld… as a dream that quickly fades from memory upon waking.

I picked her up into my arms, and she continued to look outside. The yard, the streets, the trees, houses buildings and nearby treetops…  all was heavy with clean white snow.

“Can I go play?” she finally asked, tentatively, like a teenager asking for the car keys. As though I would dare to say no.

I nodded, and set her down to join her brother and sister in hastily pulling on sweaters and shoes.

Candace had already been up for a couple hours. Tea was simmering in cups on the counter, and the smell of toast was in the air. She was holding Liam on her knee, while perusing recipes on the computer.

Liam was regarding the window before him. Of course, he had no idea of the significance of what he was seeing, but I imagine that he had some regard for the chromatic shift from the typical colors of the usual greens and brown hue to a stark white opalescence.

I felt the weariness of morning go out from me in a long sigh.

The magic of this season having already escaped me, I yet long for a time of renewal and new life. This cold dead world needs to awaken.


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