The Worst of the Pain

2 thoughts on “The Worst of the Pain”

  1. A few questions:

    What do you believe would be an effective class/category sensitive solution to unemployment in the US? Or at least, what would such a type of solution look like? What would the long-term effects of such a solution be on the lowest deciles?

    As well, what can and should we (both government and individuals) be doing to help those in the lower deciles who are currently dealing with (and are hardest hit by) the effects of unemployment and underemployment in addition to trying to solve the cause?


  2. Like a drunk coming out of an alcoholic stupor, I think the first thing to do is to realize that there is a problem. The U.S. has been overextending itself fiscally for a number of years and trying to spending its way out of debt.

    I think the key is to change the mindset. Think smaller, more imminently. Those at the top need to make less in order for their to be more of a pie to have pieces cut-out. But while I’m proposing unrealistic solutions, I’ll ask for world peace and a pony. 😉

    More than any of this, the church can start being the church. Instead of building vast storehouse, we need to be devoting our resources to teaching and training. Discipleship and developing strong church networks.

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