A New Year, and A New Decade

3 thoughts on “A New Year, and A New Decade”

  1. Well remembered about AOL – their freebie CDs were a scourge over here, too.

    In the UK the popular media word for this decade has been “The Noughties”. Thankfully “The Noughties” hasn’t really taken off outside the media! In my head I think of the decade as “the 2000s” or “the last 10 years”.

    How about “The Age of Blogging”? Weblogs have impacted the lives of so many in the last 10 years. Me, I wouldn’t be leaving this comment here on your blog but for the chance discovery of Journalspace back in early 2003 …

    Maybe we need the next 10 years to make full sense of the 2000s. And maybe these last 10 years will only reveal their “name” in retrospect.

    As for the question, my message to my 10-years-ago self would be something like this: “You don’t really wanna KNOW right now what’s gonna hit you this decade … but stay strong inside, stay positive, and dare to hope.”

  2. Well, 10 years from now, my children will be in the same boat. I’ll be 53, a mere 12 years from official retirement. I would have told myself to buck up and work a few years, get the debt paid off, and enjoy my time at home with my children debt free. Also, be nicer to Jaimie.

    Sorry – not a good evening. Hope y’all have a happy new year!

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