10 years

Today marks the tenth year of my marriage to the former Candace Rae Daniels.

In that time we have brought four children into the world, moved to the edge of the continent and back again, loved each other in richness/poverty/sickness/health, we have fought and yelled and kissed and made up soon after.

A few nights ago I was up the road at the little white church we were married in, and I sat upon the steps…  thinking.

I was thinking of all the days of our marriage, those many glorious and happy days as well as those few dark clouds that have come…  rare, yet fearsome.

Tonight, my beloved and I will steal some time for ourselves. We will revel and reflect on the precious gift it has been to be united to each other for such a span.

In a time where more and more of our friends and dear ones are going through stormy days, or even dissolving their unions, it is humbling to think of all that we have been through and yet our love continues to grow.

Praise be to the GOD above. He that has brought us together, and united us in Him, showers us with His Grace and keeps us abiding in His love – that we so love each other.

This ten years, its observance made, may it be but a trifling prelude to many more blessed years to come!

I love you, oh my dear radiant one!


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