Working for the Fourth Estate

I have been hired by the Henderson Daily News to serve as the “Lead Reporter” in a full-time salaried capacity, I start tomorrow at eight in the morning.

This is nothing short of an answer to prayer, both in my personal and professional spheres. Those that are close to me know that I have been earnestly desiring to work within the field of journalism for a goodly while now…  there’s just something about that newsprint ink getting into the blood.

Not to mention how awesome it would be to get paid for writing.

At the outset, I’ll primarily be covering civic affairs. Henderson is the county seat of Rusk County, so the police beat will likely occupy no small part of my work, in addition to local city council meetings (including Overton) and other pertinent matters.

Of course, I’ll also be covering Overton High School athletics for the paper…  giving our much put-upon Sports Editor a bit of assistance. Candace and I had already planned to take the children to all the games anyway, this just affords me another creative opportunity.

Eventually, as it was explained to me, my role will expand greater and greater…  but of that I will withhold discussion for a more prudent occasion.

However, there are other ancillary benefits…  especially insofar as our household is concerned.

We’ve been doing alright, keeping the proverbial belt tight “making the ends meet” and all that, but we have been limited in how well we’ve been able to pursue a number of ventures and remedy some long-standing concerns. Everything from my dissatisfaction to making only meager tithes to my frustration with our decrepit vehicle.

Not to say that we’re now ready to start throwing fiscal caution to the wind, but it will be nice to be able to afford certain needs as well as a few wants. A new(er) vehicle(s) would be nice, preferably one that’s not on the verge of utter disrepair.

Moreover, I am more than eager to get back on the “9-to-5” and “Monday-Friday” schedule. Working nights has been tough on us these past few months, in more ways than one. To finally work more “conventional” hours will enable me to better participate in the lives of my family, friends, and community.

The more I think about it, the more I cannot help but quake at the richness of this providence. I have prayed for just such an opportunity as this, from the instant my feet touched down upon Texas soil.

Ensuring my family’s contentment and economic stability has been one of the utmost priorities since our arrival, but the LORD has seen fit to first bring me to a point of preparation.

We have already wrought considerable order out of chaos in these few short months, and this opportunity could not have come at a better time.

I am eager to see what GOD would have of me in the days to come.


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