in a Burst of Summertime

Lush. Green. Rainy. Warm intermittent Sun and cool northerly winds. Lush.

Driving home from a long night’s work… I ease my foot from the accelerator and coast down South Commerce. Taking a left at the main intersection of town, I decide to take “the scenic route” home.

We’ve had more than a week of rainy overcast days and mild temperatures. The grasses are refreshed in brilliant greens. The floræ are ablaze in all varieties of color and hue. Sparrows and Mockingbirds whirl and chirp in mad yawping decensions.

In a burst of summertime, following falls and falls of rain, the air is sweet with blessings replete…  as the Sun shines out again.

Circling ’round the lake and turning back towards home, I stop along the side the road to get a closer look at how a few droplets of rain have gathered upon a Yellow Rose…  and how a tiny pool of water has collected within a leaf that hangs above.

“Here,” I say to no one in particular, “is both beauty and providence.”

The quiet pattering rain, the harmonious sigh of the wind in the treetops, the deep breathing of the scented air drips like honey into my Soul.

I lift my eyes towards the heavens, and blinding beams of light cascading through the clearing clouds.

My eyes closed, I hold my hands out to my side.

Soon…  I am home.


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