the Wife of my Youth

This past weekend my beloved and I were able to venture out into an evening without the children, for the first time in quite awhile.

It was grand. Though I enjoy Candace in any context, it was especially pleasant to have a “date night” with my sweet wife.

We cruised into Longview and explored some of our old haunts, reminiscing about times gone past, before sitting down to a luscious feast of Tejano cuisine at Papacita’s…  one of our favorite local cantinas.

As we sat down in a shadowy enclave of the restaurant, our eyes met…  and I felt broadening warmth enclose my mind. In her bright ocean-water eyes, I saw the luminous flaxen-haired girl I first fell in love with, as well as the enchanting woman who holds me in her thrall to this very moment. Neither time nor age has lessened our fires.

I reflected upon how far we have come in recent years, and in recent weeks.

Things have been tough since the big move from back East, there has been so much to do and we have been neglecting each other more often than we ought.

It happens so easily…  a task or obligation here, an errand or chore there, then you look up and you have not spent any real quality time together. Sensibilities wear thin and voices begin to grow shrill.

Candace and I have always been able to talk to each other. Maybe one of us didn’t like what the other might have had to say, but it was getting past those miscommunications that has made our marriage what it is today.

In a time when so many friends and relatives of ours are separating and divorcing, we count ourselves blessed…  not only for the strength of our marriage as it stands now, but also for the passion that has yet to diminish.

She is still my dove, my perfect one, the only daughter of her mother. Her lips drip nectar, the fragrance of a deep forest hides in her blouse. Fair as the moonlight, radiant as the Sun.

I am still, to her, brilliant and ruddy, spice-cheeked and raven-tressed. My arms wrap around her like bars of gold… I am her beloved and her friend.

Towards the end of the night, sitting close together at a coffeehouse and talking, I look up into the starry-starry night…  feeling the warm Summer breeze in my hair and listening to the soft melody of my beloved speaking.

During a brief and silent interlude, I smiled inwardly at the strange symmetry of this instance…  Matthew & Candace sitting out in front of a coffeehouse, nursing sweet drinks and exchanging a stream of consciousness, in the company of other yammering voices.

In the meantime, we have each been created and destroyed anew. Wholly different worlds have emerged, and others have disappeared. Lives have been lost, and new ones created out of spirit and darkness.

I have ventured so very far, to come such a short distance.

Everything has changed, absolutely nothing’s changed.


3 thoughts on “the Wife of my Youth

  1. this has to be the most loving and romantic thing I have ever read. You guys are a true inspiration! You show that relationships are always a work in progress and if you have the love and respect for each other you can overcome anything that is put in your paths….

  2. Thanks Ginny, at the center of our marriage is our commitment to Jesus Christ… without Him, I can assure you, we would not have made it these past ten years.

    Jenny… you’re just an ol’ softie. 😉

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