…LORD’s Day, 12th of July, in the hour of the Dragon.

Matthew Richard Prosser 07-12-2009

Seasons turn, glimmer and fade into each other… one day’s Dusk is another day’s Dawn.

It is this twelfth day, in the month of Julius, that marks my thirty-third year of life upon the Earth.

Though a steady blaze radiates in the hearth of my Soul, I think that I have felt this age more than others in recent recollection.

A garland of silver encloses my temple, shading the dark circles under my eyes.

My frame, though still hale and stalwart, takes a bit more care to convalesce from a strenuous workout or sporting leisure.

Indeed, it seems, that my mind has suffered the least of the ravages of aging o’er the last dozen months. Moreover, I feel it has flourished into a resonance that is, as yet, without precedence.

The procession of an idea, from its prior assumptions to its necessary implications, lay spread before me as a willing lover. Propositions of argument are revealed in their antecedents and consequents as never before…  and nowhere has this come to serve me as much as in dialogues of thought and belief with friends as well as peers.

Even so…  from this “lofty” vantage, I have come to better behold what heights I have yet to scale. With the revelry of a deeper understanding, comes a despair of just how far “down the rabbit hole” one must proceed before reaching its end…  if one can ever reach such a place.

Another year has found me journeying a great distance to arrive very close to where I began. From the dark Forest of deep East Texas, up to the windy High Plains, out to the shimmering coasts of the Mid-Atlantic…  there and back again. In the Pines, in the Pines.

My “little flock” has endured a great deal amidst the upheaval that follows great changes in location as well as lifestyle, prevailing through it all with characteristic aplomb. The children seem to regard every and all challenges that have come, as parts of a continually unfolding adventure…  surely it is so.

Candace (my “other self” and dearest treasure) has borne the heaviest burden, standing at my side throughout and supporting me at all times with wise words of counsel or tender encouragement. Our marriage continues to bloom into a fragrant garden of manifold delights. She is an invaluable respite in the daily strivings of existence, a figure to me both heroic and munificent. My bride, my lover, my Sister-in-Christ, and my dearest friend!

Verily have I lost touch with almost as many loved ones as have the multitude in whom I have found new (or renewed!) bonds of burgeoning friendship. My beloved and I have again bid a tearful parting to an assembly of dear Brethren, only to be gathered up in the sweet embrace of yet another family in that great kinship that is His people. He is faithful.

Sure as He has provided us with the essential material needs for our household, He has brought us to a place where His Word is treasured and where His people assemble…  so too has He provided us a place to labor in His work.

His will for me, in this regard, becomes increasingly apparent with each passing day.

As I sit at my desk in the brightening Dawn of late Night/early Morning, the past and present and future converge upon each other in a raging torrent of sound and thought.

What will the next turn of the Seasons bring to me?

As I contemplate the last year, as well as the last three years of my “thirties” (and even the ten years which proceeded them), I think about the many “bends in the road” my life has taken.

Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει…


My heart strains within my chest at the keening ambitions and plans for the days to come, yet the Spirit whispers “Be still,” to my raging Soul.

I am diminishing further in the shadow of the Master; my feet are sinking into the shoes of the Carpenter.


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