Mad Mare Coffee

3 thoughts on “Mad Mare Coffee”

  1. How exciting! I know our pastor (and others) have all their “business meetings” in the local coffee shop. The locally owned one, when possible — the ubiquitous green-and-white one, when not.

  2. What a daring and darling adventure!

    You know, I’ve been wanting to open a cafe serving totally organic, Biblically clean foods in Wood County. I even have a name for it and lots of ideas. But you and Candace actually have a do-able idea (without the extent of capital outlay I imagine mine would require) plus the right connections and experience. (Altho, I was a waitress once upon a time and come from a long line of entrepreneurs, of which I was a successful one in a different venue for more than a decade.) Gee, you’re making me wistful about being my own “boss” again (understood, of course, that THE LORD is always BOSS).

    I wish you both the best and blessings a-billion as you seek His will in this, as in all, matters. May He reveal to you both how you two can glorify Him most in this time of your lives. Who knows? It just may be over a cup of Mare’s Milk … Mad Brew … uh … Mad Mare Coffee. 😉

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