O my Soul He is Lovely

Awake and alone in a sleeping village, I withdrew myself from the eyes of all Men.

My shadow soon fell upon unpaved paths, and I vanished from the bright lights of the town.

Having been coaxed by choirs Angelic, I closed my ears to the rustle and murmur of the Earth.

Upward ascending (O my Soul!) pulled into an invisible infinity, I fell upon the soft earth and knelt in a fervid rapture.

HOLY Divine, radiant SPIRIT, shake me loose from the bonds of this base matter and gild me golden with tongues of sacred fire.

My heart afire and Soul enflamed, a tremor took hold…  I shook and wept as a Willow in a tempest.

Trembling hands held aloft, I seek HIS face in the stars.

He leans down from the Abyss of the universe, His breath is the warm night air and His glance peers into my Soul.

I am penetrated into the fullness of my being; every hidden cold chamber is flooded with Love and Light.

A low hum rises into a great sonorous tone, roaring into a great cascade of singular voices.

There is not madness, but pristine purity of thought consumes my mind. Wailing with joy and laughing in despair.

I feel as a small insect, creeping to the pinnacle of a single blade of grass, and looking into the SUN.


…and, O my Soul, He is lovely.


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