Friday Night at the Points House

From outside the house of Troy & Macie Points, I gazed upward…  beyond the pale taupe stucco walls, through low o’erhanging branches, into deep gibbous Moon waxing full. Incandescent protuberance

O, glory…  the wind through the trees, the warmth of the Night, the quiet crinkle of my children’s footfall upon the gravel, distant voices… quieting into silence. An appetite well satiated with a savory meal, and a mind ringing with thoughts.

Are there better ways to end an evening?

Tonight was a continuance of the Friday evening fellowships that have been ongoing in recent weeks, hosted by some of the youngish families of our local assembly…  starting with the Sandel’s, continuing with my own, and then the Garner’s.

Fried catfish was on the entree…  with all the usual sides of Cole Slaw, Pinto Beans, Hushpuppies, and plenty of Fries. The Points were fantastic hosts, opening their home to both adults and children, making all feel welcome.

Troy took me on a tour of the house, a residence of an overtly Modernist structure that has piqued my interest since first seeing it during my teenage years, and he shared some of his eventual renovation plans. I am eager to see how his proposed improvements manifest.

I was also able to get to know him a little better. Troy can sometimes appear a bit reticent at times, though I have found that it belies the torrents which churn beneath the surface. What is the expression? Still waters run deep. Yes, very much so.

We hold fast to this sweet time of fellowship, there will not be another for a couple weeks…  the Bluegrass Festival is next week and Father’s Day is the following week, so we shall be all be far too busy to come together in this fashion.

Gradually, the couples and their families made their exits…  Candace and I were the last to remain, perhaps hanging on too fiercely to the waning of the hour.

I feel blessed to have come to this place, and to have met these people. Some of them are a bit older than I, some a bit younger, but each of them have already taught me much.

May such lessons continue.


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