Friday Night at the Prosser House

The first thing I remember of today, after the long droning hum of shallow and all-too-brief sleep, was the straining urgent voice of my beloved extolling me to arise.

With little more than an hour until our guests arrived, there was still much to do.

Still hovering in a nebulous cloud of consciousness, I possessed enough conscience to feel the sting of having contributed so little and slept for so long.

The tension this had caused was evidenced in my wife, and it cut me to the quick.

Fortunately, there was not even enough time for me to pick a needless fight with her (under the guise of rationalizing my exhaustion), as our guests would be arriving momentarily…  verily, ’twas time to put an orderly polish on a chaotic day.

Guests arrived in gradual succession, quickly filling our small house as quickly as the plates of food covered our table; their children gleefully joining my own for raucous play as well as a Wallace & Gromit marathon.

Everyone ate well and there was plenty left over. I could hardly begin to ascribe such appellates as “better” or “best” with regards to everyone’s contributions…  except to take special note of the desserts that Sherry Watson and Tana Sandel brought. The delights of Tejano cuisine notwithstanding, I’m a sucker for a good dessert.

As with the previous get-together, there was ample opportunity for good conversation amongst the men. There was a wide range of topics discussed and/or decided upon.

Our “men’s fraternity” (nicknamed “iron sharpeners”) has set a night that we will start meeting during the week, Tuesday nights at seven, and we are in the process of deciding upon which materials we will use for our study. One of the men has suggested a series that specifically targets “prayer” and I am leaning towards using A Pastor’s Sketches by Ichabod Spencer…  but we are still slowly working through the details. I do not think that any of us want to rush this but to allow it to follow a proper course.

It is my intention for this to develop into a rather intensive study and fellowship time for the men. I also foresee numerous instances of service ministries that this group can provide, in addition to the usual sorts of activities that accompany these sorts of groups.

There is a strong core of humble Godly men, and I am excited by what I see the LORD doing in bringing people together for a common cause. While the broader institutional structures have floundered at bringing people together for the Gospel, there exists a very active undercurrent.

Admittedly…  I was too immersed in my own ranting and raving to make much observance of the ladies, but they all seemed more than capable of keeping a rather florid dialogue. I wonder if they have made as clear a plan as the guys have?

With the meal consumed and varied discussions ongoing, it was not long before an ancient version of Trivial Pursuit (circa 1981AD) was produced and the battle lines between the boys & the girls drawn.

Though my attention wavered throughout, it is my understanding that it was a rather close contest…  with one team taking a slight edge at the last.

I had to depart before the gathering was concluded, having to be at work by 11pm, but I look forward to getting together again soon.

With the LORD’s Day soon approaching, morning and evening services, as well as our last Basketball practice before the regular season starts, this Memorial Day weekend looks full.

As I write this, my head is still ringing with a pleasant recollection of this evening’s past…  I look forward to many more such occasions with these dear ones.


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