Life is complicated, life is simple.

Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself.

At a few minutes past seven, we returned from spending most of the late afternoon and early evening at the local public library, our custom always of Thursday afternoons.

While it is pleasant enough for a library of a town this size, Candace and I believe there are a few adjustments that can/will be made to significantly enhance the experience of its patrons.

Even so…  it possesses a certain simplicity that has appealed to me since my days as a youth.

There was a distinct sensual pleasure in stepping out the front door into the golden sunlight of dying day…

          …my hair still wet from the cool shower, the texture of blue jeans on my legs and a loose cotton shirt hanging off my shoulders, my own faint smell mingling with that of the freshly mown grass, the gay voices of my children echoing out across the empty streets.

Now the sky is bruised in shades of purple, the cicadas lead an insect orchestra that serenades the starry starry night.

My children’s eyes sleepily regard their weekly haul of books, and yaawwwnn. It is time for bed.

The nightly waltz of putting away the toys, putting on their pajamas, brushing teeth, hugs & kisses, and everything in-between passes as a single transitory moment…  and then it is quiet. My children sleep, my children dream in soft murmurs.

Usually my beloved and I stay up late into the night to spend time together and to talk, ’til either she falls asleep or I have to depart for work. Tonight she is weary from a long day of many labors, and falls asleep soon after the children. Tomorrow evening our house shall be filled with guests, Brothers and Sisters sharing fellowship and food with eager savor…  she will arise before Dawn on the ‘morrow, with another full day of tasks and preparations.

Our household is quiet, shadows fill each corner, and the only illumination come from the blue flickering light of the computer monitor.

Gathering what few necessities I shall need to bring with me, I take my leave of the house. Another “night shift” awaits…

now it is 8 o’clock in the morning, and I am home.  Rest.  Silence.


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