I dare call it cowardice…

2 thoughts on “I dare call it cowardice…”

  1. Very good point – American theocracy, to whatever extent it ever existed, may be on the way out (thank God) – and for the first time in a long time Westerners are becoming aware that there is fierce debate within the Muslim community on what constitutes “real” Islam.

    It is one thing to talk about “religion” in general – engaging them specifically very soon reveals that not all religions are equal. There are only two religions that have ever believed in resurrection – and only one that believes that it has actually happened to Someone…

    1. Thank you for your insights Patrick, and I’ve noticed that as well…

      One aspect of the ongoing debates of religion I’ve followed, within the countless public forums (be they online or in-person), is a telling inconsistency with regards to Islam.

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