A Scanner Darkly

My head is still swimming from last night’s feast of Patricius.

I stayed with my brother (and his perpetual fiancé) at Stuart House for the occasion, so too for the sake of convenience and the near proximity to my new occupation.

So he and I toasted Ireland, our ancestors & descendants, great-Grandfather Brian, dear departed uncle Mike, and any other saint that has ever been burdened with the work of driving away the pagans from a part of GOD’s good earth.

We spoke fiercely into the wee hours. Ah me, ’twas grand!  O, but I’m ahead of myself…  or is it behind?

Since I last had opportunity to put pen to paper, I have accepted a position with a local firm in the field of chemical dependency. Naturally, it doesn’t pay well but it is a promising opportunity and it affords me other ancillary benefits that have very little to do with wages or financial gain.

On a related note…  in just the first few days that I’ve been here, it has been brought to my attention many of those whom I once knew as friend or peer have succumbed to the empty promises and hollow bliss found within these poisons. Many. I could, in fact, say “most” without hyperbole.

Verily, there is no discernible pattern or logic to it…  neither poverty, education, nor other aspect of demographic categorization can be indicative of causation. Like the path of a cyclone, Addiction has carved a swath through the lives of many in this wanton Age.

So many seeking… something. Something more.

Having returned from my first day of employ, I can say that I am intrigued by the possibilities that this new charge might offer.

In recent months I have certainly had my share of experience with certain aspects of this blight, but this affords me to engage on a bit more “clinical” basis. Absent of the more chaotic and inclement outworkings of counteracting the criminal elements of the inner-city.

May the LORD strengthen me to this endeavor, that I might bring honor and praise to Him in whatever paltry deeds or accomplishments I may play a part.

May the Love of Christ shine forth into the scattered Darkness and set these captives free!


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