Waiting ’til the shine wears off…

After returning back to “the hacienda” from my morning run to the lake, I showered and shaved. Refreshed and energized, I sat down to a hearty breakfast.

Now reposed to the back porch, I wish to think and to write…  as Morning spreads her golden wings.

We’ve had a good long week to become acclimated to our “new” surroundings. Granted, it will take more than so few days to truly find our familiar rhythms.

Even so, it is well with my Soul.

The first “point of order” is that housing appears to be a far more arduous obstacle than I had previously surmised. It seems that an unexpected surge in the local petroleum industry has brought a sudden influx of new residents, of varying demographic strata. With this development, much of the “middle class” rental vacancies were quickly filled.

What is more, there have been some additional strictures included in the process of acquiring state licensure and insurance registration… which has, as a consequence, delayed our progress in procuring a new automobile.

To be without your own vehicle in the vast “inland empire” of East Texas is to be utterly hobbled. I may as well be cast into the Sahara without a camel.

O, but all is certainly not woe and want…  for how can I lament the manifold joy & delights I have beheld since our arrival?

My children traded the whitened Winter of the Mid-Atlantic for the gentle Spring of the Deep South. A sudden and welcome change. Even as I write these words, I watch my children frolic in the outdoors…  the rambling woods, meadows, and gardens.

Having long grown accustomed to the slate gray hues and grays of Winter, my Soul is refreshed by the vibrant blossoms and verdant leaves. Though yesterday and the day before were ashen and rain-soaked, today a glorious Sun beams forth with heartening majesty.

The rocky paths are strewn with flower petals but I, nevertheless, am waiting ’til the shine wears off.


2 thoughts on “Waiting ’til the shine wears off…

  1. Spring is slowly crawling towards realization over here. The kids might still have a bit of fun going outside, but they come back inside quickly enough.

    I hope that you find what you need in terms of housing and transportation in short order. We will be praying for you, and continue to pray for your brother.

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