Fare Thee Well…

So…  what I thought was to be an Exit Interview with the management staff of my organization turned into a surprise party that was celebrating my departure.

Well, maybe “celebrating my departure” is a trifle misleading.

Various colleagues and peers of mine in the organization were in attendance and there was a fine Luncheon spread prepared.

Toasts and speeches were plentiful as well as laughter and tears.

It was a grand time, and I do confess to be caught completely off my guard…  which, as anyone who knows me can attest, is no easy task.

“…our pleasant moments fly on rapid wings away…”

Beneath the pleasantries, however, there was a slight undercurrent of unease. Not at my parting of itself, but more about those that shall take my place.

My eventual replacement, having been run through the crucible of my oversight these last six weeks, is prepared to take the reigns and I have already been counseling him as to the steps he shall need to take (in other areas) in the weeks and months to come.

I shall miss these dear ones fiercely. The rigorous demands of this position notwithstanding, I have rarely held so rewarding an occupation.


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