“…I scatter crumbs upon the sill…”

I awoke this morning to the fragrance of Thai Coconut Chai tea and snowflakes.

Peering upward through the bedroom skylight, I saw the thin glistening of icy snow melting from the heat of our warmer indoors rising.

White light breaks through into the gray room.


Between then and now has only been a few brief waltz o’ the hours, but the day is nearly half-past.

Hesitating ‘midst the madness of my day, I lean upon this hiatus to ponder and wonder at what is yet to come.

“…feathered dark in thought, I stalk like a Rook,
brooding as the Winter night comes on…”

Broad circular snowflakes swirl across the black sheen of the pavement. Harried and windswept, hastily melting into a cold dirty slush. I feel them in my beard and hair, a mild wet chill.

Our time here grows small. By my reckoning there is no more than a fortnight ’til our departure, though we are still finalizing certain arrangements. Suffice to say, I am making a concerted efforts to settle all accounts in the manifold personal and professional spheres of my existence.

My heart is a torrent of raging emotions. I am anxious and yet strangely content, I am apprehensive and yet eager, I am sad to leave the dear ones I have come to know but thrilled to reunite with others I have not seen in far too long.

Tonight, there is church. Our custom of mid-week festivities and feasting. Expectation and tension furrows my brow at the thought(s). There are words to be spoken, and heard. Prayers uplifted over bowed heads.


Even so…  the gulls fly screaming over the yawning Bay; the sullen white surf beats against its steep sides; the great shroud of the Sea rolls on, just as it rolled five thousand years ago.


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