It’s GO time…

Today, Candace enters her thirty-seventh week of pregnancy with our youngest son Liam.

Which mean that the baby is fully developed and “viable” to come out without any further ado. While reaching full-term is comforting, anything can happen.

I can say this: if he is anything like his brother and sisters, he will stay in there until he is good and ready to join us. Candace went several days over with Gaelynn, both Israel and Sophia were induced. Almost as if the children could not bear to be out of their mother`s womb, and had to be “untimely ripp`d” (MacBeth Act V, Scene 8).

We have begun going over the usual contingencies… of packing some few necessities for the hospital stay, of arranging for dear ones to help look after our other children during delivery, of preparing the house for the wee lad`s homecoming. We are, for the most part, ready to go.

Of course, we have done this before and have learned quite a bit with each successive pregnancy… but I still feel that nebulous tremor of concern for what is to come. It is not so much a posture of fear as much as it is care for my wife and unborn son. For it shall be a completely natural childbirth, without inducement or sedative.

I know Candace to be strong, and I believe my son to be quite healthy… but it is all beyond my reach. I cannot control the circumstances; I cannot protect my wife or child. As ever, I must understand that it is not by my own strength or desire that my universe is upheld but by the LORD.

So I pray… I pray for GOD to send strength and courage to my wife, that she will bear our son well; I pray for Him to sustain the flickering life that still awaits his first breath; I pray for the LORD to comfort my vexations of worry and doubt, that I will remember His promises and His sovereignty.

…and I wait, and dream. I dream of the son I have never met, and I wonder at what is yet to come.


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