an "Andy Dufresne" moment…

Now that the task is accomplished, I can finally speak of it… though I wish to do so privily.

For the better part of the last few weeks, I have been haranguing a large local grocery chain to atone for it`s blatant price-gouging over the last 365-day span and donate a few free birds to the housing community in which my facility is located.

The prices this company charges for it`s products is bordering on the criminal but, with the closest Leviathan Mart of always low prices more than halfway to Baltimore, there is no competition (and thus, no incentive) to keep their prices within a reasonable range. It is this, among many others things, I have found to constitute the perverse class biases that undergird this city… but I digress.

I have received considerable resistance and numerous patronizing evasions by the corporate representatives I have communicated with, everything from deliberate “slow-playing” in face-to-face exchanges to blocking my emails. I have to admit, I was rather surprised at just how fervently they clutched to their purse-strings. I didn`t think my request was excessive, a couple turkeys, and it`s not as though I was asking them to go out of their way, as I`d offered to deliver the food myself. Still, I kept getting the run-around.

Finally, a break in the impasse. After forwarding the length and breadth of my exchange with the local managers to the regional manager, including my own impassioned request written directly to the regional manager, I received word from an individual rather high up on the chain-of-command. It stated that, not only would the company provide a “few birds” but an entire meal, and not merely for a few but for fifty families.

This afternoon, I delivered fifty full thanksgiving meals to fifty needy families in the Annapolis area. The tears of joy and gratefulness humbled me deeply. I was honored to have even been a witness to such a sight, not to mention having acted a part in bringing it to pass.

Accompanying the delivery was a rather curt note from one of the local managers, alluding to his assumption that I could consider this matter settled and that they would hear no more of me.

My CEO, reading this note out loud to me as I was unloading boxes of savory-smelling Thanksgiving foods, laughed heartily and turned to me with a broad grin: “They don`t know you to well do they?”

As I said, I pulled an Andy Dufresne, and I don`t intend to stop there.


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