"…there`s an ear for what you say…"

With the recent news of my imminent return spreading amongst my family members, it was soon passed along to old friends as well as many long-forgotten familiars of mine. Such innovations as MySpace and Facebook have done little to slow the twisting grapevine tendrils. Between word-of-mouth and forwarded emails, it seems that there are few in the East Texas area that are unawares.

The way paths diverge and intersect. How a road that appears to veer away can be found to have run parallel for a long distance until an imminent convergence is apparent.

I myself am often surprised at the many varied correlations and turns in the bend that is Life.

“…there`s a place up ahead and I`m goin`

come along, come along with me…”

Of all of the usual tenders of reminiscence and recollection, there stands out various threads and groupings of individuals.

Starry-eyed couples, that I once knew to be inseparable, have either broken off their engagements (and marriages) or they have settled down to the inevitabilities of career, mortgage, stress, and a houseful of little ones.

Coteries of ne`er-do-wells have either grown up, and gotten on to the business of finding their way in the world, or they have succumbed to the dark tinctures that passed as but youthful indiscretions in their summer-colored days.

Among and within these, are a precious few on whom the radiant glow of Grace is found.

Even as the LORD has Saved me from myself, He has done such for others I have known. Those with addictions and vices innumerate have been called out of that wretched Darkness, to cling to Him and submit themselves to His service.

With my name being bandied about, has also been something of a certain… shall we say embellishment?

Due to the hand I had in helping an old friend of mine come to Christ, it has come back to me that I am being regarded with no shortage of “awe” and spoken reverence As this individual was considered so “far gone” and is yet now a zealous and keen novitiate. Still young in the faith, but growing exponentially in the Milk and soft Bread of the Word.

Verily… if “I” did anything to bring about the change in this newborn child of Christ, it was only to “hide” behind the Scriptures and force him to cast his eyes towards the LORD found within its pages… to see what he has closed his eyes to for his entire life.

Ah me, such is the ignorance of our Age, that so many that would claim to know the Father and Son have so little awareness of the transformational power of the Holy Spirit. But I digress…

“…you can ponder perpetual motion,

fix your mind on a crystal day…”

Old friends now call out to me as Brother, and inquire as to my interest in joining them in the various manifestations of the Work that are being done there. An overwrought sentiment that calls my coming an “answer to prayer” gives me great pause… for I wonder at what sort of prayers can bring me as their consequent.

Words spoken in hasty exuberance, of plans within plans, and I feel the dark stab in my abdomen… the tiny prickings of conscience that gird me against my vaunting ambition. Have a care, I tell myself, you know where this path can lead.

Time will tell, but of this I shall remain in contemplation and prayer for the days to come.


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