Homeward, he plods his weary way…

An odyssey which has spanned the better part of this decade is winding down. A wandering spirit casts tired eyes upon the horizon, and turns his feet towards home. One era ends, a new one begins.

Though the date is not set, and arrangements are only beginning to be made, my family and I will be returning to Texas. East Texas, to be somewhat precise, deep in the Piney Woods.

Even as I am yet unsure about much of the specifics, as there is much behind the scenes that remain unresolved, I presume that we shall likely reside in the city of Kilgore.

Some may equate such an eagerness to return to the Longview-to-Tyler corridor as akin to swimming the sewage-infested Tiber, but it is not so for me or my family. Though there are certain private matters and complexities `neath the surface of this decision, it came surprisingly simple and was embraced with joy and relish. Almost as if it were predestined from the foundation of the universe.

Of course, this is not to say that there will be no pain of separation found within…

We shall, again, be leaving a church family that is dear to our hearts. Candace will be leaving friends and regulars that she has made in her place of business. I shall be leaving colleagues and youth that I have enfolded deep into my heart`s love; and a professional organization that is, to my knowing, unrivaled in representing the character of Christ in its chosen domain.

It is a bitter pill that I shall not be attending St. John`s College, but it is an ambition that I have already surrendered rather easily. Moreover…

This morning I spoke with the admissions representative that had been assigned to my case since last Spring. When I explained my situation in some generalities, she remained adamant. She promised a rather extravagant scholarship package if I enrolled in the coming Winter term. Tempting though it was, I came to the realization that I had completely lost any desire to participate further in the arbitrary racket of higher education.

Further still, she appealed to my vanity… arguably, my most severe vulnerability. She spoke of how easily I could qualify for advanced standing as an Undergraduate, or even apply for Graduate status through a rigorous process of crediting me for past works combined with a battery of tested evaluations conducted by the faculty. She mentioned names of individuals I had established a rapport with and flattered me with my reputation. The seductive ease of all of this pulled mightily at my sensibilities and pride, but reason and conscience won the day.

By GOD`s Grace, it is time to move on. Our time in Annapolis has been wonder-filled in delights and struggles. We have known many great times and blessed people here. Enjoying a final glorious Mid-Atlantic Winter here before moving on. Yes, truly, it is time to move on.

Again, the exact time-frame is not yet defined at this point in time. There is a rather significant event occurring at the dawning of the new year, the birth of my new son William. However, I think it shall not be too long after.

Methinks that Gaelynn shall enjoy a birthday gift of returning to the land of her birth at Spring`s first thaw. Yes, March seems quite possible, though not without certain challenges. Time will tell.

Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid,

some heart once pregnant with celestial fire;

hands that the rod of empire might have swayed,

or waked to ecstasy the living lyre.

I have stood in wonder of the LORD`s doing, yet still much more will I see. Texas is hardly a land forsaken by Him, and yet I must become who I was born to be.


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