The Legacy of Heritage

Last night was the first “Legacy” evening service at Heritage Baptist. Though I do not put much stock in such things, we easily exceeded our anticipated attendance. It was a broad spectrum of ages, ranging from senior citizens to members of the youth group.

Bare Feet, the “official house band” of our church`s College & Career group, acted as accompanists on guitar, percussion, and vocals. Though I had intended to remain silent at my position off to the right of the stage, I couldn`t help but step forward and sing out. It was a soulful time, and all too brief.

After worshiping together in song, we delved into the Scriptures. I read from the 22nd chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, from which we began our discussion on authority (that of GOD and Man). Following the classic “small group” discussion format, we spent the better part of an hour engaged in a spirited fellowship of dialogue. It too, was all too brief.

We ended as we began, in prayer. Praying in thankfulness and for each other… and also for those unrepentant, yet seeking, in our midst upon that night. Praying that they would continue to seek, and that they would be found.

The lights were lowered and I bid adieu to them all, in handshake and embrace, before stepping out into the brisk Autumn night.

Returning home, I hesitated at my front door.

Looking up into a starry infinity, I thanked the Father for such an answer to my prayers.

By day, the LORD commands His steadfast love, and at night His song is with me… a prayer to the GOD of my life.


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