a Child’s Beauty, of Future Uncertain

Tonight, as we walked out to our vehicle after Wednesday evening fellowship, I held Sophia close to my neck… to keep her warm `gainst the chill of the Night`s breeze. She has had a bit of the sniffles today, and I do not wish for her condition to become full blown Cold.

As we walked, she murmured to herself in mumblings and wee-girl phrasings. Things almost unintelligible to me, save for the intermittent words that intoned with pristine clarity. “Mmmbdhgmm, Da? Go go, brnendhmbdenm car pease?” Her words murmur breathlessly into my chest.

I held Sophia close to my neck, the bristle of my day`s beard-growth and her milk-fed smooth forehead. She rubs her head into my jaw, seeming to prefer its familiar roughness to the indifferent smoothness of my jacket`s collar. Her golden curls tousle in the light breeze.

She raises her head, peering into the blackness of my eyes, with hers of sky blue. Neither smiling nor frowning, she looks at me intently. I look back at her… waiting. Silence.

In her eyes, I see the unknown future of her days to come… and mine as well.


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