Black Coffee Blues

I just arrived at work… quite a bit later than I am supposed to, I admit; my usual hours being from around ten in the morning until six in the evening.

Last night was rough, as Israel and Sophia each have a touch of Summertime allergies. Nothing altogether serious, but symptoms aggravating enough to prevent them from resting through the night… which meant I spent most of the pre-Dawn hours trudging up and down the stairs to administer salves and treatments to my suffering children.

They awoke in much better spirits, though I was thoroughly exhausted and accidentally fell asleep watching the Sun rise over the treetops of our backyard. Candace returned home from opening up the Coffeehouse on the Docks, and prepared the children for a little get-together some of the families from our church were having down at Hillsmere Beach. I was not able to stay long, as I had to continue on to work.

Where I sit now, at my desk, trying to get my bearings on what bodes to be a rather full day of action-packed administrative adventure.

Tonight, I must attend an urgent meeting with the Missions Committee (concerning a certain rather tedious matter) but, after which, my family shall all venture Downtown, to walk about the Docks until the hours wane late.

We will treat the children to an ice cream cone and listen to the buskers` lovelorn moanings. We shall peruse the bookstores and peer snickeringly into the dank taverns. Window-shopping through bright-lit glass, and feeding the ducks. Breathing the salty air mingled with fragrant cherry blossoms and Wisteria.

Resting, in the dulcet company of each other… but alas and anon.

For now, there is work aplenty to be done.


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